Earlston House Canine Guests

At Earlston we love dogs and we believe that your dog should be with you on holiday as part of your family break.
We have our own dog, Dexter, a Black Labrador who wants to be friends with every person and dog he meets.

We are happy to welcome well behaved and friendly dogs to our hotel.
Please find a few essentials and treats here in your room.

• Goodrington beach (north) is dog friendly throughout the year and is only a 5-10 minutes walk away.
The nearest vet is 10 minutes walk on Grosvenor Road 01803558588 Silverton Vets 
(Turn left out of the hotel, left at the end of St Andrews Rd, right 30 meters later and follow the road down to the park. Cross the park towards the beach huts and the beach is on the other side of the huts.)
• Dogs are welcome in our lounge and bar, but please be considerate as not all of our guests will be dog lovers.
• You are welcome to use the garden for those first thing in the morning and last thing at night visits, please use bags provided and put the waste bags in the small bin at the bottom of the garden steps.
•  Should your dog not be as well house trained as you would like! please let Mij or Aidan know as soon as possible. There will be a £80 carpet cleaning fee. Unfortunately once an area has been used as a toilet, other dogs can think that it is a toilet area too.
• Should your dog be a repeat offender you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given.

• We know with the best will in the world dogs will jump on the furniture, probably when you’re not looking or have come down for breakfast. Please make use of the blankets to cover the beds, chairs or sofas and the towel to clean paws.

• Finally please let us know if you want to leave your dog in the room for an hour or two, perhaps to go out for a meal, if we have time we could even take him/her out for a walk if you like.
• We hope this sheet is not too negative, please appreciate that not all our guests are dog lovers and not all of them would be happy to stay in a hotel with dogs, especially poorly behaved or unfriendly ones.
If you have any queries, suggestions or problems please speak to one of us.

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