Environmentally Friendly Earlston

• We recycle and our recycling is collected by TOR2. Should you wish to find out more, please visit their website:  tor2.co.uk

• We use enzyme based cleaning products supplied by Norwex and the vegan product Astonish on our shower doors and mirrors.
norwex.com     astonishcleaners.co.uk

• We serve locally sourced food as far as we can. Eggs are from Fenton Poultry Farm which is on the Devon / Somerset border.
Please visit their website to find out about their eggs:  fentonpoultry.co.uk

• Our sausages and bacon are from Churston Farm Shop which is just a few miles from Earlston House. We are the only hotel that Churston Farm supplies in Paignton. You may wish to visit their website: churstontraditionalfarmshop.org
Or even better, visit the shop! Their homemade cakes are second to none.!

• Although many of our drinks come from Booker, we are very proud to stock products from our local brewery, Bays Brewery, Paignton. These sell well as they are a quality product. We sell their Devon Dumpling Ale (5.1%), Windfall Cider (4.7%) and Devon Rock Lager (4.5%).  baysbrewery.co.uk

• We also stock Bad Fagin’s Apple Pie Moonshine which is distilled in Exeter.

• We hope to be growing our own tomatoes this year. Otherwise our tomatoes and mushrooms come from our local wholesaler, Booker.


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